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A Detailed Guide to Picking the Best Cannabis-Based CRM Tool

by Vende Posted in Tips

A Detailed Guide to Picking the Best Cannabis-Based CRM Tool

Customer relationship management is essential for every cannabis business. The best CRM tool should have features that can manage every aspect of your business operations involving customer relationships. It should focus on both existing and potential customers. The cannabis industry is more specific regarding customer needs; hence the CRM tool must provide specific benefits and meet the needs which cannabis businesses. 

While automated CRM management comes with plenty of benefits, most business owners are clueless about picking up the most reliable cannabis-based CRM tool. CRM tools play an essential role in developing and implementing various CRM strategies. When looking for a CRM tool, it's critical to consider the following factors. 

Factors to Consider When Looking for a CRM Software

  1. Contact Management

Managing your customers' contact list is essential since it's the first step in communicating with your customers and prospects. Effective CRM is only possible when the CRM tool can help you manage your contact list efficiently. It should be able to collect and store all the contact information of your customers, which includes:

  • Person’s name

  • Phone number

  • Social media profile links

  • Business name

  • Mailing address

  • Job level

  • Company size,

  • Email address

  • Job title

  • Type of license

  • License status

The CRM tool should effectively update your customers' contact information whenever any changes occur.

  1. Deal Flow and Sales Pipeline Management

One of the main functions of the CRM tool is allowing effective management of the sales deals and leads by the sales team. Your proffered CRM tool should have features and tools which build, track and manage the sales pipeline. Some essential functions that your CRM tool should perform optimally include assigning tasks to individuals, tracking communications, assigning deals to particular salespeople, and tracking progress.

  1. Workflow automation and management

Modern CRM tools come with various tools and resources that make it easy to automate business operations. Automated business operations create systemic workflows, thus saving more time and creating fewer errors when performing tasks.

  1. Email Marketing

Besides managing contact information, CRM tools play a critical role in email marketing. Your CRM tool should have tools allowing cannabis businesses to use email marketing as part of their marketing strategy. Integrating email marketing and CRM in one software provides businesses with advanced email marketing features. It will enhance the performance of email marketing as a marketing strategy.

  1. Advanced Segmentation

CRM tools enhance customer relationship management through customer segmentation. Customer segmentation is essential when creating content and a more personalized marketing experience for your target market. The best CRM tool should be able to segment the customers based on demographic and behavioral data. Listing, advanced filtering options, a robust search tool and tags help effectively manage the contacts.

  1. Historical Communications

Customer communication has different periods depending on the buyer’s journey. It can range from days to years. Optimal customer management requires one to effectively refer to any communication made by the customer and access that information. The CRM tool should provide detailed historical data for every customer in the database. Historical communications make it easier for the staff to handle customer issues, even if they are interacting with the customer for the first time. It is also helpful when interdepartmental communication regarding a customer's challenge is needed.

  1. Detailed Analytics

Storage of data is very vital in customer relationship management. Customers interacting with your business will provide a lot of information, which is essential in understanding their buyer’s journey. An effective CRM tool should have tools and features which allow effective collection, storage, sorting and presentation of every customer data collected at any given time. Data exportation and importation are essential for achieving detailed analysis of customer data.

  1. Integrations

Customer relationship management affects every department of your cannabis business; hence your CRM tool should achieve effective integrations in all the departments. It should also help manage every aspect of your business operations, eliminating the need for multiple tools being used by your staff. These days CRM tools allow for third-party integration with other professional software, thus enhancing seamless operations across the business.

  1. Team Management

As a business owner tracking the performance of your employees, especially the sales team, is very important. The CRM tool should provide a detailed and straightforward report to the business owner or supervisor about the various business sectors that handle customer relationship management. Additionally, it should allow for effective allocation and tracking of tasks in the business. Optimal team management and tracking performance are possible with a reliable CRM tool.

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