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Best Ecommerce SEO Practices for Cannabis Entrepreneurs

by Vende Posted in Tips

Best Ecommerce SEO Practices for Cannabis Entrepreneurs

Cannabis entrepreneurs know the importance of a robust online presence and search engine optimization. A high online ranking is crucial in generating high-quality leads for your business. Cannabis-based businesses with high online SEO rankings practice the best SEO practices that keep them at the top. These practices are deeply embedded as part of the SEO strategy and digital marketing strategy of the brand. This detailed guide looks at the best basic SEO practices to ensure you achieve a high ranking on various search engines.

Polishing Your Google Businesses Profile

Google Business Profile is the first important feature when targeting local SEO. Frequently polishing your Google Business Profile is a crucial step to location-based SEO. After registering your business with Google, you must ensure all the information is updated and synchronized with information on other platforms. Essential information that cannabis businesses must include in your Google Business Profile includes:

  • Business Name

  • Business location and preferably more specific directions

  • Business contact information

  • Business social media profiles. 

  • Business operating hours

When curating your business description, remember to use relevant keywords to make your business more discoverable. You can use keywords to boost your local SEO and target local audiences. 

Using Product Reviews

Cannabis entrepreneurs who are in the retail section of the cannabis industry need to utilize product reviews. Consumers spend a lot of time reading online reviews and customer testimonials. Additionally, Google also uses reviews to rate various businesses. Customer reviews which mention specific products in your catalogue will help you appear in local online searches. You can encourage customers to leave reviews after they make a purchase. Good and bad reviews are equally important for a business since they highlight your strengths and weaknesses. Responding to reviews enhances your credibility. Bad reviews will require a different approach compared to good ones. When you have a high number of reviews, it increases online customer engagement with your brand. 

Social Media Presence

Even though social media platforms have stringent regulations when posting cannabis-related content, social media presence is essential to boosting your overall SEO. Many digital experts will recommend having active social media; it’s also suspected that Google uses social media engagement signals in rating websites. With many consumers interacting on social media, having a solid social media presence will promote enhanced customer engagement. It’s also wonderful to create your community and provide your followers with educational content about cannabis. It’s imperative to follow the regulations of the various social media platforms regarding posting cannabis marketing content. 

Keyword Based Content

Search engine optimization primarily focuses on keywords and content. Consumers use specific keywords when making online queries, and Google uses the keywords to provide relevant search results. Cannabis businesses, therefore, need to invest heavily in keywords which target highly relevant potential leads. Different keyword tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs can help you identify the most relevant keywords for your business. The tools will also help you identify the keywords that could be easier to rank. Apart from identifying keywords, it can help you generate the most relevant phrases, questions and topics relevant to your brand. 

After picking the relevant keywords, create content which features the selected keywords. Three-tailed keywords are more valuable since they have more keywords and are more user internet specific. You can use blogs, landing pages, “news” posts and eCommerce menus to promote the SEO of your content and website. 

Mobile Optimization

More than 60% of google searches are made using mobile devices. Consumers use their phones to access various platforms and shop for products. While building a mobile application for your business might be out of your budget or irrelevant, you can opt for mobile optimization. Mobile optimization allows visitors to access your website using their mobile devices. They enjoy the same features they would get when accessing the website from a desktop. The content should be readable and user-friendly. Customers should easily access every section of your website without feeling lost. 

After mastering these basic SEP practices, you can start implementing the more advanced SEO practices. Every practice plays a different role in promoting your local SEO. 

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