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Cannabis Retail Hiring Tips

by Vende Posted in Tips

Cannabis Retail Hiring Tips

A successful cannabis retail store is primarily dependent on its staff. Recruiting experienced and passionate team members like cannabis store managers and budtenders determines the long-term success of your business. Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs in the cannabis sector face a dilemma on whom to hire for the various essential roles in their stores. Despite many recruiting websites for local talent, the cannabis sector is a delicate industry that requires extra precautions when hiring staff. While most people will recommend looking at the applicant's age, experience, education, and commitment, other vital factors exist. These essential factors are out of the box but indirectly or direct affect the overall performance of any employer you hire. 

  1. Where does your potential staff hangout

A cannabis business requires some very unique social skills. When operating a cannabis retail store, you target a specific demographic. Use that information to determine where your potential hires hang out and place job listings. You can use job placement platforms like, which are specific to cannabis business job placements. Cannabis-based social platforms and communities are also excellent places to leverage for your next hire. You are most likely to attract applicants with the same ideologies and vision regarding your business.

  1. Social media recruiting

While many consumers are using social media, so does job applicants. Social media has been a potent tool in brand communication, with employees now tapping into their staff's high number of followers. Some businesses exclusively use various social media platforms to hire and recruit employees. You can post a job placement on your preferred social media platforms and encourage your followers to share the vacancy. Running a recruitment or hiring campaign is one of the most effective ways to outsource your business's workforce. Thanks to the many social media platform tools, you can give potential applicants a snippet into your company's working culture. 

  1. Employee referral program

One of the best ways to get highly qualified and skilled employees is through an employee referral program. If you already have a highly skilled and efficient staff, you can ask them to recommend individuals they consider great hires for your business. You can attach a particular reward to every successful employee referral made by your staff or anyone. Employee referral programs are very efficient since you have people with the same goals, social connectivity, and goals working together for your business to encourage a small family at work.

  1. Consider a campus

Cannabis and cannabis-based products are very acceptable among the younger generation, so you need to target younger talent when looking for talent for your canna business. Campuses are full of young talents who are equally looking to gain professional experience. Cannabis-based businesses operate in states and local jurisdictions; hence it’s easy to seek talent in the local campuses close to your business. You can request the administration of the campus if you can run a job fair or offer internships to students who are pursuing courses related to the industry. 

  1. Have a strategy when marketing the job

The cannabis industry requires compliance with both state and federal laws. As a business owner, you must be familiar with all the laws and licenses required by the local regulatory body. Every staff working for your business needs to ensure they know the laws and comply. You can use websites like Vende, where cannabis connoisseurs spend a lot of time. Market the job the same way you would market your brand. You can use SEO tips to ensure the job is more specific to a target market. 

As you have read in this article it is not as straightforward as other industries. Operating a cannabis business is extremely difficult, and not having the know how can really affect your bottom line. Vende POS is made to help its clients run the business they have always wanted. Providing you with all the necessary tools for your business to succeed is our goal. Schedule a demo with us today and see how running your business on the Vende platform can help.