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Common Cannabis Ecommerce Mistakes to Avoid

by Vende Posted in Tips

Common Cannabis Ecommerce Mistakes to Avoid

According to various market research studies in the eCommerce industry, 90% of eCommerce businesses fail within 120 days of being launched. Every business is trying to tap into the lucrative feature of having an online storefront for their business. The cannabis industry is a critical factor that has dramatically benefited from eCommerce platforms. Unfortunately, most cannabis entrepreneurs fail to realize the many risks associated with eCommerce platforms and focus on the benefits. 

If you want to start or use an eCommerce platform for your cannabis business, you need to focus more on the everyday challenges and less on the expected benefits. The cannabis industry is very different from other sectors that use eCommerce platforms; hence, you must be extra vigilant. Developing a functional and practical online storefront takes time. While there are many mistakes that you will make along the way, most are easily fixable. This guide looks at the fatal mistakes to avoid regarding a cannabis eCommerce platform. 

Starting or joining an eCommerce platform without research

As a cannabis entrepreneur, you need to know the functionality of eCommerce and its relevance to your target market. You need to understand your target market's demands and what your competitors offer. Cannabis-based businesses which are already established will still need to perform adequate research to find how they can efficiently use eCommerce to attain their goals. New businesses will have more research work to do. Compare how your competitors use the eCommerce feature to increase sales and digital marketing. Good research will give you a road map on what to do and possible effective methods. 

Failing to define your niche

The eCommerce feature has become instrumental because it taps into the massive online community. Billions of people use the internet daily, with millions making purchases. You have to identify your customers and target market and learn more about their customer preferences, tastes, and behavior. When you define your customers, you can quickly know and investigate if your product is helpful to them or not. A targeted audience makes marketing to be more straightforward and effective. You can easily customize marketing content for your targeted audiences and achieve high conversion rates. 

Picking the wrong platform

Cannabis is legal in some states but federally illegal. Therefore online purchase and delivery of cannabis products are very cloudy. Most of the eCommerce platforms don’t allow cannabis entrepreneurs to sell their products on their platforms. An eCommerce tool will substantially help in defining your brand in the industry. With the right eCommerce platform, your online store will have limited experience and contact with the target market. Cannabis entrepreneurs should use cannabis-based platforms like Vendo, customized with the best features for cannabis businesses. Vendo will also ensure you comply with all the state laws regarding cannabis online business operations. You can also build your customized online storefront on the platform and attract a more targeted audience. 

Selling the wrong products.

As a cannabis entrepreneur, you will be passionate about your products, but your target audience might not see it that way. You could be selling the wrong product to your target market. Sometimes you could be selling a product that needs more market demand. Every product you list in your eCommerce platform should have above-average demand. Otherwise, they will just be filling up your online directory and incurring production expenses with zero returns. Understanding the needs and preferences of your target market will play a significant role in creating unique and customer-specific products. Many brands in the cannabis industry make different products ranging from cannabis edibles and skincare products to cannabis inhalers and topicals. 

Insufficient promotion

Your eCommerce storefront requires the same marketing as a regular physical shop. Digital marketing is the best way to promote your brand and online storefront. Customers who need to learn about your eCommerce store won’t make any purchases. Develop a concrete marketing strategy to promote massive brand awareness to the online community. You can only attract new customers and convert them to loyal customers through effective digital marketing. There are different digital marking channels that you can use. Hence it's crucial to pick the most relevant and practical for your brand. Cannabis-based e-commerce platforms like Vendo can help promote your brand and products to the online community. The platform has various online tools and features customized for cannabis retailers. 

Making mistakes when setting up your online storefront is inevitable, but fixing them on time will help you keep up with your top competitors in the industry. Using an eCommerce platform effectively for your cannabis business is a continuous learning process because of the ever-changing trait of the digital world. Hence you need to be constantly updated on the eCommerce trends in the cannabis industry. Additionally, it would be best if you were updated on all the cannabis regulations and complied with them.

As you have read in this article, it is not as straightforward as other industries. Operating a cannabis business is extremely difficult, and not having the know-how can really affect your bottom line. Vende POS is made to help its clients run the business they have always wanted. Providing you with all the necessary tools for your business to succeed is our goal. Schedule a demo with us today and see how running your business on the Vende platform can help.