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Digital Marketing for Cannabis Entrepreneurs

by Vende Posted in Tips

Digital Marketing for Cannabis Entrepreneurs

Digital marketing has become a central aspect of every business wanting to increase sales and attract new high-quality leads. Cannabis entrepreneurs face many challenges in the industry; one of the biggest challenges is marketing and advertising their products and services. A robust digital marketing strategy will ensure the growth and sustainability of any cannabis-based business. 

Digital marketing refers to internet marketing and advertising products and services through digital channels. There are different types of digital marketing strategies that cannabis brands can use to enhance their brand awareness and growth and attract high-quality leads. Popular digital marketing strategies available for cannabis businesses include:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

  • Social media marketing

  • Website display ads

  • Email marketing

  • Blog posts

While most businesses using digital marketing prefer using various channels to enhance productivity and effectiveness, cannabis businesses can pick the digital marketing channels most relevant to their brand and target market, bringing maximum results. Let’s look at the benefits of using digital marketing as part of your marketing and advertising strategy. 

Benefits of Digital Marketing to Cannabis-Based Businesses

  1. Easy Targeting of Your Audience

Digital marketing channels are equipped with various tools which provide valuable user insights. For instance, you can use Google and Facebook to track all online activity and such information in curating customer-sensitive marketing content based on the customer’s online behavior. You can also collect contact information of your prospects using various digital marking channels and grow your customer contact list. After creating your customer contact list, you should categorize the customers into different groups based on their needs and interests in their buyer’s journey. Market segmentation is essential for the marketing team because it helps them create marketing and educational content about the brand most relevant to the customer. 

  1. Enhanced customer engagement

When you achieve effective market segmentation, you have a customer list and can engage with the customers and potential leads at every stage of their buyer's journey. As a cannabis brand, you can use various digital channels to engage with your customers. In social media marketing, different social media platforms offer various ways to interact with a customer from the moment they come across your brand. Digital marketing channels offer various resources which enhance customer engagement in every stage of their journey. Consistent customer engagement with your brand is critical in collecting customer feedback and improving overall customer experience. These channels also give customers various resources to give brand feedback and make product and service inquiries without being bombarded with too much marketing content.

  1. Make use of your marketing resources and budget.

Marketing is one of the most crucial operations for any business. Most brands fear investing too much in marketing and bringing in mediocre results with minimal sales at the end of the day. However, you don't have to worry about the budget with digital marketing. Since there are different digital marketing channels, you have the option of picking the most efficient and productive digital channel for your business. For instance, if 90% of your target market and customers use social media platforms, you will focus more on scowl media marketing and less on other digital marketing channels like affiliate marketing. Digital marketing is very cost-effective, and businesses can operate some of the digital marking channels at minimal or even zero cost. If you are a start-up cannabis business investing in social media is very important, and managing a social media account can be quickly done by the owner of the business at zero cost. 

  1. Measuring results and accuracy

One of the best features of digital marking is the ability to track performance effectively and measure the results from every digital marketing channel. The most general way of tracking the performance of any digital marketing channel is by evaluating the number and quality of leads generated. Additionally, every digital marketing channel has different tools which offer detailed insight into the performance of the digital marketing channel. For instance, if you opt for social media marketing, Facebook and Instagram insights will provide a detailed report of how customers engage with your brand and social media posts. Such information is critical in determining the best strategies to use and implement that will enhance the performance of the digital marking channel. 

  1. Building Brand Credibility

More than 95% of consumers use various digital marketing channels in communicating and interacting with their friends, family and colleagues. As a cannabis business, you need to build a credible brand in the online community. Customers and prospects need to quickly identify your brands on the various digital platforms and see consistency in brand identity. You can use digital channels to enhance credibility in the market and with your customers by providing them with informative, valuable, and engaging content. Online presence not only triggers brand awareness but also shows consistency in brand identity and voice, giving customers more confidence in your brand.

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