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How to Use Consumer Market Research for Cannabis Business Growth

by Vende Posted in Tips

How to Use Consumer Market Research for Cannabis Business Growth

When a cannabis business is equipped with valuable consumer information, it can create products and marketing campaigns that are more consumer specific. You can also use the data to leverage to promote effective business operations and increase the business's overall productivity. But where can cannabis businesses find the correct information about the market and their target market? Market research offers the most professional and interactive way of collecting information about the target market and industry.

Market research entails collecting different data types directly or indirectly related to the target market. The data helps the business learn more about the consumer, focusing on critical metrics like demographics. The main objective of collecting this information is to increase customer satisfaction and engagement at every stage of interaction with the business. Businesses also use market research to equip the marketing team with valuable intellect to create relevant and consumer-specific marketing campaigns and advertisements.

Market Research Cannabis Industry

Market research is a valuable marketing and business operations strategy for every cannabis business. Apart from enhancing the company's marketing strategies, you can use them to analyze the brand's overall image of the target market and facilitate brand awareness. The cannabis industry has different sectors, including B2B and B2C, focusing on market success. Market research is helpful for every cannabis business, whether B2B or B2C because it provides a company with all the necessary information and answers for actual decision-making. 

Many industries and businesses use market research for various reasons. While the cannabis industry might still be new, it still requires effective market research for companies to forecast the industry's direction. Market research is crucial for the success of businesses and the overall industry. The overall sector improves when businesses identify market trends, effectively understand consumer needs, and achieve their goals. Even though there is lesser social stigma related to cannabis, the cannabis business needs to be smart when using market research. But how does a cannabis business carry out market research?

Types of Market Research for Cannabis Businesses

There are different varieties of business market research that cannabis businesses can use to achieve various goals. Below are popular types of market research businesses in the cannabis industry can consider using:

  • Brand Research: it focuses on improving and refining the overall appearance of the brand to the target market. What are the qualities associated with your brand? What is your brand's overall image to your loyal customers and target market?

  • Marketing campaign evaluation primarily targets the ongoing marketing campaigns run by the business, gauging their effectiveness. The information collected can help make changes to improve the effectiveness of the ongoing marketing campaigns. 

  • Competitor research: it’s one of the most popular market research. It provides detailed insights on improving your business by researching your competitors’ key data points like marketing campaigns, sales volume, and brand reputation. A company can quickly identify its weaknesses and strengths when conducting market research. 

  • Customer segmentation research: it’s very essential, especially for new businesses and industries. The study strategically divides your target market into different personas and groups based on customer preferences and interests. A company can create more personalized products and marketing campaigns for its target market based on consumer groups. 

  • Consumer reproach: unlike customer segmentation research, consumer research focuses more on a particular group of consumers, trying to understand their needs and preferences more comprehensively. It concentrates on the consumer’s purchasing habits, interests, social habits, motivations, etc. 

  • Product development: product development market research is a continuous process, from the conception of a product idea to the development of the product. The research ensures the product is continuously valuable to the consumer at all times, finding ways to improve consumer satisfaction. Businesses depend on this type of market research to identify new features to add to their products.

  • Usability testing: Like product development market research, usability testing focuses on the product. How does the consumer use the product? Does it meet the needs of the consumer?

While there are different types of market research, cannabis businesses need to consider which ones are the best for their business based on their goals and needs. Every market research serves different business purposes; hence implementing various market research strategies is essential. The main objective of market research is to enhance customer satisfaction and increase business productivity. Therefore market research isn't a one-time strategy. Most businesses have implemented market research in their daily operations, collecting information about their consumers and target market.


Every cannabis business needs to implement a market strategy for its business operations. They will, in turn, better understand their target market and the industry. Market research requires money and resources; it all takes a lot of time. Thus businesses need to have the best strategy most suitable for their business. While market research won't solely make your business succeed, it will give a detailed insight into some of the crucial metrics which directly need improvement to increase productivity. 

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