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The Top 10 Woman-Owned Cannabis Companies

by Vende Posted in Diversity

The percentage of female cannabis consumers has dramatically increased over the years. Women drive close to 80% of cannabis buying and consumption through their purchasing power and online influence. As the number of female consumers in the cannabis industry increases, the demand for women increases. Female cannabis consumers are looking for products customized to meet their consumer needs. Some famous cannabis products for cannabis female consumers are topical lotions for nourishing the skin and bath slats, improving sleep. 

The female cannabis consumers can be described as underserved consumers in the industry. With this market gap, female entrepreneurs and founders have taken part in the growing cannabis industry. These women-owned cannabis businesses want to meet the increasing demand for cannabis products,  which the cannabis female community wants. 

The merging cannabis industry has plenty of business opportunities and advancements. in the cannabis, predominantly female entrepreneurs can make serious advancements in the industry even better than more established brands. Increasing the number of women and other minorities taking part in the cannabis industry as founders and entrepreneurs will play an essential role in achieving social equity in the industry. 


Find the list of the top 10 women-owned cannabis companies:


The LEUNE brand uses a very different approach in the cannabis industry. The brand believes that for one to be successful in the cannabis industry, one needs a platform with a voice for social change and awareness of the industry's social injustices. The brand has participated in several cannabis-based social justice projects. Some of their notable social justice projects are the Last Prisoner Project and the Floret Coalition. The business sector of the brand focuses on making disposable vapers and pre-rolls.


Miss Grass

The mission of Miss Grass is to provide the global cannabis community with good weed. Their products are created around three crucial standards: effective, clean, and trusted. 

It’s all about your power to vote with your dollars, to support and nurture an equitable industry, and to eradicate the stigma around this plant. It’s about making cannabis accessible to everybody. Welcome to the high road.”

To support their three core values in product making, the company shows the type of terpenes present in their pre-rolls. The information is beneficial to cannabis consumers as its guides them in buying the perfect pre-roll. The Miss Grass brand has also taken part in social initiatives focused on the cannabis industry. The Miss Grass social initiatives include Cage-Free Cannabis, Trans Lifeline, and Last Prisoner Project. 



The company was co-founded by Carolina Vasquez Mitchell (cannabis scientist) and Dr. Jannise Babbush (Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry). The two best friends founded and designed the company to offer a good night's rest in every form. It's the first brand from Ciencia Labs, a Los Angeles-based group of cannabis brands designed to deal with and address common health problems and illnesses. Ciencia Labs is a cannabis company owned by women and minorities. 


Weed The People

The company is based in Chico, California, and deals in the delivery of cannabis products. Some of the cannabis products delivered by Weed the People are flowers, edibles, concentrates, and vapor pens. Currently, the company distributes products from the following cannabis brands: Korova, Habit, and STIIIZY. The company offers timely and discrete delivery of cannabis products in Butte County and surrounding cities. Deliveries are for both medicinal and recreational cannabis consumption. 


DNA Weed

The cannabis delivery company is based in North Hollywood, California, offering delivery services for medicinal and recreational cannabis users. DNA Weed has products from various brands in the cannabis industry; hence consumers have plenty of options to pick from when looking for their preferred cannabis products. The leading cannabis products being delivered by DNA Weed are flowers, edibles, vapor pens, concentrates, drinkables, vape cartridges, tinctures, and even cannabis gears. 

The company operates within Los Angeles and Orange Counties. The mission of DNA Weed is:

Provide medical and recreational marijuana to patients ensuring excellent customer service, affordable prices, fast delivery, and great product selection.”

Their minimum delivery order is $45 (pre-tax), and you get FREE delivery. The brand operates daily, even during public holidays. 


My Best Bud

The women-owned brand makes cannabis products for pets (dogs and cats). My Best Bud makes cannabis tinctures that help pets deal with anxiety and stress. The founders of My Best Bud are serial entrepreneurs with entrepreneurial backgrounds in medical fields, law, and engineering. The founders are hoping their products will play an essential role in the research and medical advancements of using CBD products in treating health conditions in pets. 


Good Greens Dispensary

The Good Greens Dispensary is based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The cannabis storefront deals in medical cannabis. The medical marijuana dispensary provides high-quality medicinal cannabis products to Oklahoma medical patients while complying with the Oklahoma law State Question 788.

The brand doesn’t only focus on providing medicinal products; instead, they guide their patients on the proper dosing, uses, and medicinal benefits of the different cannabis products in their catalog. The brand has well-trained staff to meet the therapeutic needs of all the clients. 

The mission of Good Greens Dispensary is to "provide a natural way of healing your body, mind and spiritual well-being.” 


DOC420/ Green Doctor 420

Green Doctor 420 is a medical cannabis storefront dealing in cannabis products, edibles, vape pens, topical, flower, and concentrates. The premium cannabis dispensary is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The dispensary only deals with cannabis brands that are verified. They have a patient loyalty program for their customers and daily deals on various CBD products.



One of the best cannabis farms owned by women. Juniper is a family-owned cannabis farm based in Humboldt, packaged in unique glass and beautiful artisan tins. The brand is famous for producing smooth pre-rolls, the best for novice cannabis consumers. The Juniper airy joints have low THC content.

The growth method used by Jupiter ensures their plants have great trichrome with abundant terpenes; hence the flower burns smoothly and softly. They use compact packaging, which is easy to recycle. 


Yummy Karma

The diverse cannabis company was not only founded by women, but women also run it. Yummy Karma focuses on developing customized cannabis products for different people and lifestyles while paying close attention to marginalized problems and demands. The company was the first cannabis manufacturer company to receive state licensing in Orange County. 


Each of these companies represent women in the cannabis industry and do it well. Check them out and see the deals they have whether they’re delivery related or a store front. These companies are famously known for making products for women by women.