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Top 10 selling cannabis brands in California

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Top 10 selling cannabis brands in California

California continues to boast of an ever-growing cannabis business space featuring various brands. The state legalized the use of recreational and medicinal use of cannabis. Any who is 21 years old can buy cannabis for recreational use, while anyone who is 18 years older can buy cannabis for medicinal use but with a physician's recommendation. According to ERA Economics, the company estimated that California had a cannabis consumption rate of 2.5m pounds out of the 13.5m-15.6m pounds of cannabis produced by the country annually. 

Due to this increasing demand for cannabis, there are many cannabis brands in California. Every day a new cannabis entrepreneur is launching a new business selling cannabinoids, smoking devices, cannabis-based products, and even apparel. Most cannabis enthusiasts in California or visiting the state can be overwhelmed by the many options of cannabis brands available in the market. Luckily, we have gathered a list of the best ten-selling Caronia-based cannabis brands you should try. 

These cannabis brands offer a wide variety of products ranging from boutique-style cannabis products to super-potent products. Regardless of what kind of cannabis fan you are, you will find something that meets your needs. Below are the top ten-selling cannabis brands in California:

Top 10 Selling Cannabis Brands in California

  1. Stiiizy


The company operates in California and Michigan. It has more than 20 cannabis stores and dispensaries in California. Cannabis enthusiasts in California have easy access to the Stiiizy cannabis dispensary closest to their location. The brand sells products in the following categories:

  • Stiiizy apparels 

  • Pods

  • Flowers

  • Extracts 

  • Edibles. 

Buyers have the option of making an in-house purchase or online delivery. The operating hours are different depending on your preferred Stiiizy cannabis dispensary.

  1. Circles

Circles is a Californian-based cannabis brand that was set up in 2020. The Eaze brand aims to provide affordable and approachable vape cartridges to the daily cannabis smoker. Despite being a new brand, it has gained immense popularity among cannabis smokers. They sell either full or half-gram cartridges, with three strains ranging from Indica and Sativa to hybrid.

  1. Flow Kana

Flow Kana was founded in 2015 and is one of the oldest and most successful cannabis brands in California. Unlike other brands, the company targets small-scale cannabis farmers in California and partners with them to create cannabis base products. The farmers targeted by Flow Kana prioritize the small-batch boutique cannabis strains. Flow Kana cannabis products are available in many California cannabis retail stores and dispensaries. It has also partnered with various online delivery partners to facilitate online purchases by cannabis fans.

  1. Trinity Reserve


Trinity Reserve is a brand that focuses on cultivating the best cannabis strains. The brand operates from California and operates indoor and outdoor cannabis cultivation schemes. With more than ten years of experience in the California legal industry, the brand has managed to master the art of growing the most potent cannabis strains in the industry. Besides selling cannabis flowers, the brand also sells branded apparel to the California cannabis community. 

  1. CannaBiotix (CBX)


The CannaBiotix (CBX) has been operating in the cannabis industry for the past two decades. The main products produced by the brand include premium flowers, cannabis prerolls, live resin concentrates, cannabis-based cartridges, and solventless concentrates. Over the years, the brand has developed a unique craft that has allowed them to continue producing high-quality strains. It has received several cannabis awards due to its high-quality flowers. Cannabis enthusiasts can purchase the CannaBiotix from their official website or cannabis retail stores. You can also purchase branded cannabis apparel.  

Other Top-Selling Cannabis Brands

  1. Coastal Sun Cannabis


The Coastal Sun Cannabis is a cannabis brand that focuses on growing the best organic cannabis strains in the market. They are based in California, and their product catalog includes cannabis extracts and prerolls. Featuring the best and most potent strains in the industry.

  1. Parce


PARCE is bringing the friend back to cannabis. Going back to our roots and the principles that pushed the lifestyle that we all love. Every PARCE product gives you a little extra with your purchase. When you buy an eighth, you get 4 grams because that is what your friend would do. The best quality cannabis at the best possible price is what we aim to do. We are dedicated to offering our friends the best cannabis experience. Enjoy my friend!

  1. 3C Farms


Apart from being a cannabis-based company that cultivates cannabis, 3C Farms also sell cannabis and cannabis-based products. The brand has an impressive library of cannabis strains ranging from Sativa to Indica. Cannabis enthusiasts can find the various cannabis strains cultivated by 3C Farms at any 3C Farms licensed retailer in California.

  1. Elyon Cannabis


Elyon Cannabis is a cannabis-selling brand with a unique and community approach to cannabis businesses. Unlike other brands, Elyon Cannabis is made up of family-oriented local growers and cannabis business owners. Cannabis products under the brand include infused flowers, prerolls, and buds. The brand has farms in Sonoma County, California, and works with licensed cannabis dispensaries and retail stores to ensure its products reach their customers.

  1. PLUGPlay


If you are looking for a reliable cannabis vape, you should consider the vapes from PLUGPlay. The vapes have more than 350 puffs when fully charged. PLUGPlay is one of the bestselling cannabis brands which sells vapes in the California legal market. You can buy the PLUGPlay vapes on the brand's official website or any cannabis retail store in California.

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