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What is Metrc? | Metrc Tips for Cannabis Retailers and Delivery Services

by Vende Posted in Tips

Understanding Metrc and how it works with your business is no easy task. Many cannabis business spend over 30% of the payroll on Metrc related personnel. It is not that Metrc is so difficult to use, it is that every action performed in Metrc can have lasting effects on your business. Below are a few key things to better understanding how Metrc effects your cannabis business. 

What is Metrc? 

Metrc, also known as the "Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting Compliance" is the tracking system responsible for regulating the cultivation, preparation, and packaging of cannabis in more than 18 states.
In other words, it's a database tracking cannabis from seed to sale using RFID tags. 

Do License Cannabis Companies Have to Use Metrc?

Yes. If you are in a Metrc State, you will need to have a Metrc account where all your track and trace takes place.  It is a cloud-based database that integrates with dispensary POS solutions such as Vende, and also acts as a stand alone track-and-trace option with limited features.

When was Metrc introduced?

Metrc was many decades in the making as the technology was refined again and again. However, the first large-scale implementation was in 2010, when the contract was signed by the  Department of Revenue’s Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED). As time went on, the solution was rolled out into different states that decided to legalize cannabis.

How do you use Metrc?

To use Metrc, users connect via a web-based platform and sign in through their Metrc login.  Once logged in, users can report information and confirm their data.

Why do governments want business to use Metrc? 

Regulatory agencies in many states compel cannabis sector firms to submit data to the Metrc system to meet legal seed-to-sale tracking duties. State cannabis regulators benefit from Metrc because it creates a significant barrier to cannabis diversion to the black market and out-of-state sales. Metrc aims to ensure that all cannabis is tracked through one system.

What states are currently using Metrc for tracking?

Currently, 19 American states are mandated to use Metrc for track and tracing. Those states include:

With more states legalizing cannabis, it's more crucial than ever to normalize Metrc in the sector.

Is Metrc Expanding?

Yes, the Metrc network is likely to grow even more as legalization spreads. Seed-to-sale tracking is widely accepted among cannabis firms as necessary for ensuring legal products and allowing for faster consumer recalls if a product has health or safety issues.

How do I connect my POS to Metrc?

Many cannabis POS solutions currently offer a Metrc integration, connecting with the Metrc API automatically. This means that all you have to do, is sign up for a vende account, and input your Metrc API key. Using an integration like Vende, you will not only save time and money reporting sales and inventory but will also significantly reduce the risk of regulatory issues.

Don't have a POS that connects automatically, it could be tricky to set up an automated solution yourself.  The Metrc API differs in a few crucial ways that cannabis operators should be aware of to enhance system efficiency and state reporting compliance.

How do I sign up for Metrc?

Signing up for Metrc is easy, when signing up, we recommend you consider using a POS solution that has an API connecting to Metrc, that way you can streamline your operations. Remember, in order to have a Metrc account you must be license and you must pass the Metrc test. Steps to sign up include: 

  • Sign up and complete the Metrc account manager training, as well as the test.
  • Add your vendor API (Application Programming Interface) key for the sandbox, which will be generated once the test is completed.
  • Send your cannabis POS supplier your API key and your Metrc license number.
  • Contact Metrc for a personal identification tag for any inventory that has not yet been identified by the grower or processor (UID).
  • Tag your inventory using UID tags. Note: Unique identifiers (UIDs) are not reusable.
  • Log in to Metrc to double-check tag assignments and set up all of your products.
  • Lastly, to access your newly tagged inventory, go to your Vende POS system.

If you are in the process of getting licensed, or have just received your cannabis license, check out all the features Vende offers to cannabis retailers and delivery services.