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What is the Best Cannabis POS?

by Vende Posted in Retailer


Choosing the right cannabis POS system is an important decision that goes beyond just searching for the lowest monthly fee. Each system offers a different approach to workflows that will affect all facets of your operations every single day, and it's an important decision as your POS system not only processes sales but interfaces with required Metrc tracking, and will affect how easy it is for your operation to remain compliant.

As cannabis remains illegal at the federal level, each state-legal cannabis market has its own unique systems and regulations that operators must follow to remain compliant. In Colorado, for instance, there are two separate market systems (adult-use and medical), with separate products for these different customers groups, whereas in California, there is a single supply chain serving both types of customers with a single supply of inventory.

Many POS systems don't account for the nuances of how products must move through these different supply chains, and have attempted to create a one-size-fits-all approach to their cannabis retail systems, which often lead to clunky workflows and complicated work arounds to make their systems work in your regulatory structure.

Vende is the only product specific dispensary POS; build for the unique needs of cannabis retailers. As a result, Vende offers more sophisticated workflows for aspect of a modern retailer. Ensuring we adapt with the market, such as adding the highest rated cannabis delivery application to our system is how we stay ahead. 

Many other POS systems require several additional third-party software subscription add ons to offer the same functionality. Vende includes the most important features, such as delivery, text marketing, and scanning, inventory management, and task management.

Here are some of the key reasons why the Vende POS is the best dispensary software: 

Compliant with Regulations

When onboarding new retail or delivery operators, we often see compliance issues that operators are having. Retailers who run Vende remain 100% Metrc compliant with the state's track-and-trace system. They also have preset conditions such as legal limits and hours of operation. When you use a system that's built for other regulatory environments there is no proper way of accounting for all the unique scenarios. 

Workflows are Everything

In other POS systems, the cost of these third-party software subscriptions add up and don't provide the same sophistication that an all-in-one system offers. Because Vende is designed specifically for cannabis retailers, all of our features work in tandem to provide the best workflows in cannabis. In the past, dispensary operators have had to piece together disparate pieces of cannabis software to run their businesses. Vende's POS includes everything from setting reminders for staff, creating tasks for yourself, and even chatting within the company. Vende is also the only cannabis POS that is compatible with all devices. 

Cannabis Software That Evolves

Our team of experts are in tune with the minute changes in the constantly shifting regulatory, and work force environments.

At Vende, we work hand in hand with our dispensary and delivery customers to understand their workflows and what features and updates that will truly make a difference in their day-to-day operations.

Vende connected suite of dispensary software has all of the tools you need to sell cannabis and grow your business compliantly while saving at least 25% in labor costs by automating tasks that once required tedious manual labor. This fully connected cannabis retail system gives you:

  • Retail, delivery, pickup, and eCommerce in a single platform
  • All of your customer, sales and inventory data in one place
  • Smart MMS & SMS marketing tools to grow your business faster
  • Simplified inventory management
  • Unlimited user logins
  • Product ordering integration
  • Accurate reporting and analytics
  • And much more... 

If you are looking for a cannabis pos system that helps you to operate your business on one platform and not get bogged down with all the red tape - we would have to say Vende POS is the answer. Getting started is easy, just go on our Sign up page and start using your new cannabis pos in minutes.