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Why is Community Outreach Essential for Cannabis Businesses?

by Vende Posted in Tips

Why is Community Outreach Essential for Cannabis Businesses?

The cannabis industry is experiencing an economic and market boom thanks to the favorable legislation and laws which allow some use of cannabis at the state level. Many organizations are investing in the industry to get a slice of the untapped market. Consumption of cannabis and cannabis-related products has gained friendly reception from the younger generation, who use it primarily for recreational use. Many companies and businesses are riding in this wave of positive publicity to attract more customers to their brands.

Cannabis businesses can only operate within the states that have legalized cannabis consumption. Hence local SEO is essential for business owners. The business's public relations play a crucial role in influencing how the community perceives the brand. Public relations is fundamental in the cannabis industry; as more businesses enter the market, the competition becomes more aggressive. Everyone wants to gain positive attention from the public while being compliant with local regulations. 

Every cannabis business should invest in community outreach programs. Engaging with the local communities in your target market comes with immense benefits to your brand. It demonstrates that the business is invested in the community's overall well-being, which in turn nurtures brand awareness and loyalty. But what are the key reasons you need to invest in community outreach for your cannabis business?

Advertising of cannabis or cannabis-based products faces a lot of local regulations. Even though your marketing campaign might trigger brand awareness, you need to have strategies to give your brand prolonged publicity in the community. Making a meaningful connection with the locals will improve your local SEO by ensuring you continue being relevant to your target market and the community. It will give your business prolonged publicity after the initial publicity starts to wane away. 

Many cannabis-based companies have realized there are great benefits in investing in community outreach programs. When the business owner is perceived or identified as a good corporate citizen, it makes it easier for the business to work with the local authorities. They also stand out from their competitors and attract high-quality employees and customers. 

There are different ways in which cannabis businesses can take part in community outreach programs. The first step is identifying a social problem and coming up with or being part of the solution. Community outreach programs in the legal US cannabis industry vary from state to state, whereas in some states, it's a requirement to open a cannabis business. For instance, in Denver, cannabis entrepreneurs must submit a “community engagement” plan when submitting their application for their cannabis business license. The goal of the move is to “create positive impacts in the neighborhoods where the licensed premises are located."

Popular community outreach programs in which cannabis business e scan engage include:

  • Educational scholarships. 

  • Neighborhood beautification.

  • Homelessness assistance.

  • Increasing access to healthcare and healthy food, etc.

 These businesses can also explore the various programs the local community organizations run and offer their assistance. Municipalities like Thornton, Colorado and Oakland, California, have adopted detailed requirements where cannabis businesses create social benefits. Merit-based applications have become very common in states which are legalizing the use of marijuana. Organizations like Denver-based KindColorado help cannabis-based businesses strategize and develop the best community outreach programs by connecting them with local NGOs and community groups. 

Community outreach programs are philanthropic efforts that increase brand awareness of cannabis-based businesses without directly marketing the brand to the public. It also allows the business to share educational content with the public and debunk most of the myths associated with cannabis consumption. It also shows the business complies with strict local regulations and that all the business operations are legal. 

Cannabis consumption still faces stigma, especially among the older generation. Despite marijuana being legalized in 50 states, the industry still faces outdated stigma and discrimination. You can use community outreach programs to educate the public about the safe use of cannabis and cannabis-based products. 

Community outreach programs cause positive community relations and directly or indirectly create community ambassadors for your brand. A business that frequently participates in community outreach programs tends to have a positive image to the public. It also enhances the morale and overall productivity of your staff. Community relations are essential; no matter the reason for adopting them, they will bring plenty of benefits to your business. 

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