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Your cannabis platform - simplified.

Vende platform is so simple you can sign up and start operating in minutes.

The one-stop platform to simplify your cannabis retail business

Pushing the industry forward though collective success our why. The most comprehensive, product-driven point of sale is our what

Product is Everything.

As a cannabis retailer, the most important part of your business is the product. Your new point of sale system focuses on the entire lifecycle of the product and creates features that simplify the complex cannabis environment. Manage everything from product ordering and reordering, to industry-wide product analytics

Dispatcher Mode.

In combination with an award-winning fleet app, your point of sale system allows dispatchers and budtenders to control the entire delivery process in the most efficient ways

  • Smart Driver Selecting

    Consisting of 3 key points: Products Carried, Distance, and Orders in the Queue, selecting the optimal driver is as simple as clicking a button.

  • Manage entire POS from Map Page

    Manage all order taking and dispatching directly from the map page. Add new customers, create orders, track vehicles, and manage ETA’s all from one page.

  • Bird's eye view of the entire operation

    eye view of the entire operation Being able to see where your drivers are, and where the deliveries need to take place; you are able to make quick decisions whenever needed.

  • Supports both delivery models

    Manage your business model with ease. Whether your drivers have products with them and perform deliveries as they come in, or if they are stationary at the facility until the order comes in - we are here to support you.


  • METRC Integration

    A safe and secure system that reports directly with the States track and trace system.

  • ID Verification

    Automatically check-in and create customers directly from scanning their ID.

  • Transaction Limits

    Never oversell to a customer again. Receive notifications when getting close to selling more than the legal limit to a customer.

  • Reporting

    In-app reporting to help retailers keep track of their State and City tax liabilities.

  • Automatic Bag Limit Restrictions

    For ice cream truck delivery models, never transfer more product than what the State allows.

  • Inventory Ledgers and Customer Signatures

    Manage inventory ledgers directly from the fleet app. Collect customer signatures to ensure a compliant delivery.


One of the most important aspects of any cannabis retailer is its menu. The products you carry and how you present them to your customers are everything.

Give your customers another way to order from you. If you already have a website, simply imbed your eCommerce for quick checkout anytime.

Key benefits of

the Vende platform

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Easy Ordering

Place, track, and manage all your orders from your point of sale system. Get suggested products based on your location and customer data.


Spend less time completing forms and more time with your customers. Quickly scan ID’s for Intake and scan products for checkout.


The Vende platform can be used on any device. Windows, MAC, Android, iPad, and IOS are all compatible with your Point of Sale system.

Streamline Communication

Keep conversations with teammates, clients, and vendors in one place. Ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Straightforward Plans

With tons of available features.

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Equity 1 year

Equity Applicants can use the vende platform free of charges for 1 year.

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Together Original

Get all the features shown to properly manage cannabis retail business.

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Vende Original

Get all the features shown to properly manage your cannabis retail business. + All Artificial Intelligence Workflows.

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That's not all

Discover more Features!


Always keep in touch with your customers with built in SMS and email marketing. Set triggers and automations for optimal communication.

Task Management

Receive and send tasks to ensure things are getting done. Comment back and forth and set reminder to help increase efficiency.


Always be in the loop with what is going on with your business Manage and generate customer reports.

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Working with Vende has been a lot of fun. Their vision of how product should be handled and fulfilled is truly going to change the way the industry works.


While Cannabis is a difficult industry as it is, Vende makes the software as simple and easy to use as possible. If you do have a question or a problem, there is someone to help you within 5 minutes. They are always friendly and knowledgeable.


It is user-friendly and makes the intense aspect of running a cannabis business much easier. They make scalability of your product line, inventory, and business a simple.


I really like how the system is integrated with Metrc. The Weedmaps and other integrations are also nice but I think the best part is they offer a free e-commerce platform for online ordering. This has been extremely helpful during Covid as we've seen a big increase in online orders for curbside pickup and delivery. I think their delivery software is some of the best out there. We got rid of our Onfleet account when we realized it had everything we needed for delivery


Working with Vende has been a lot of fun. Their vision of how product should be handled and fulfilled is truly going to change the way the industry works.


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